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A new day but the same old fight.

Once again, you’re sitting on your bed, seething with rage after the most recent fight with your partner.

Your heart is pounding, your face is flushed, and every muscle is tensed.

It feels like you’re always either fighting, about to fight, or recovering from a fight. This is the new normal.

There’s always something to argue about.

If it’s not about finances, it’s the kids, your schedules, or countless other things.

He didn’t keep his word again ­– did he forget or is he doing this out of spite?

And every day, things seem to get more strained between you.

It feels like you’re living on two different wavelengths.

The care, compassion, and empathy have disappeared from your relationship.

You’re basically roommates ­– occupying the same space but never really connecting.

Trying to talk about it is no use. It seems easier to continue ignoring each other.

Nothing you’ve tried has made any difference.

A pile of self-help relationship books lay in a heap by your bed.

Taking online courses and following social media gurus leaves you feeling more hopeless.

And well-meaning advice from your family and friends feels out of touch and ineffective.

You’re at the end of your rope.

“This is it,” you finally decide, “Something needs to change!”

You can’t keep going around in circles, exhausting yourself while making no progress.

There must be some other way.

Discover a path forward.

This is where I come in. It’s time to find the support, guidance, and encouragement you deserve.

It may not be easy, but I promise you that it’s worth it.

Don’t give up or let shame and embarrassment hold you back from taking that next step!

Hi, I’m John.

I help couples foster greater mutual understanding and empathy by providing a nonjudgmental space to work on healing.

Through our work, I can help you connect with your partner and feel like a team again as you encounter life’s joys and challenges together.

I believe reconnecting and sharing life’s subtle joys can go a long way. And therapy will allow you and your partner to decide to change together.

Let me teach you the tools to create a life of safety and hope, all while offering an empathetic ear to facilitate the healing process.

Become the best version of you, for yourself and each other.

John Kowite, Counselor, LPC

Stop struggling alone.

You can create the life and relationship you want with support,
guidance, and encouragement.

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