1150971305Something’s wrong…

You’re always on alert, expecting the worst to happen.

That keeps you keyed up and on edge, always waiting for things to fall apart.

A consequence of this hypervigilance is that you’re also very self-conscious. No matter where you are – with friends, at work, or with family – you feel like an imposter.

It’s dreadful… and exhausting.

What’s been holding you back?

There’s so much you want to do with your life.

Your anxiety keeps you from participating in life. It feels like everyone is doing the dance of life, and you are on the sidelines.

It puts you in a cage. No matter how much you rattle it, you can’t get out.

Maybe you know what your life could look like. You don’t know where to start. The obstacles feel insurmountable. If only you could be at ease.

Whether it’s fear of talking to new people or strangers or making moves in your career that you know would be beneficial, you can’t get past that tense feeling.

You wake in the morning with that familiar feeling of dread. At night, your thoughts are running in circles. Your mind is racing, thinking of all the potential things that could go wrong.

240905716You can overcome these obstacles!

Develop a strategy and skills to break out.

You’ll find a peaceful calm environment to explore the thinking patterns running your life.

Let’s explore the racing repetitive thoughts, the feeling of impending doom, and learn the skills to stand up to them and take your power back.

Unlock the cage and start dancing the dance of life again.

You’re in the cage, and I’ve got the keys to get you out.

It’s time to move through life with greater ease.

If you feel like you’ve exhausted all your options and are ready to move into the life you know you were meant to live…

Reclaim your life. Call me now: (602) 834-4950.