86606719Heartbreak once seemed so far away.

You never saw it coming, but here it is… in the form of papers, lawyers, anger, and frustrations.

As you negotiate arguments, court dates, and turmoil, you keep asking yourself,

“How did we get here?”

“How did we cross that line??”

Grieving what could have been…

Memories and pictures of the wedding day are still on display.

A life shattered into a thousand pieces – picking up the pieces. How do we sift through all these pieces on the ground? The legacy of what could have been.

Divide up all the stuff. These are not just objects but memories. It’s not just the pictures or furniture all over the house. It represents the memories of the good times. You have to give up the vision of what could have been.

There are so many decisions to make. You want to minimize the damage but can’t see eye-to-eye on the best path forward.

83077498I’m here to help you make sense of it all.

I’m an empathetic ear that you can trust with your innermost thoughts and feelings.

The anger, the resentment, the feeling of betrayal – it’s too much. You’re disgusted and mad at yourself for even marrying this person.

“What was I thinking? We blew it to smithereens, blaming each other.”

I can help you understand it all and find your own answer.

What does life look like for you?

Determine what goes where. There are feelings behind the struggle that need to be addressed. We’ll get on the path to making clear-headed decisions.

We’ll talk it out. This is uncharted territory, tricky terrain to navigate, but you’ll learn how to manage your emotions during this difficult stretch.

There’s light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe now you can’t see it, but in our work together, we can find it.

You CAN rebuild a new life without your partner.

Allow me to help you sift through the pieces and put your life back in focus.

Call today, and let’s talk more about how I can help during your free consultation: (602) 834-4950.