Do you offer in-person or online sessions?
All my sessions are offered online. If you live in Arizona, I can work with you from anywhere online!
How do I set an appointment?

To set up an initial appointment, you can contact me via email john@kowitecounseling.com or by telephone/text at (602) 834-4950.

What to expect in the first appointment?

I will send a link for you to connect to our online session.

If there are any issues, we can resolve them in real time by messaging, email, or by phone.

We’ll spend the first session getting to know each other. I’ll take notes and review with you at the end of our time together.

You will be involved in the process and be aware of everything I am writing – it won’t be a mystery. We will be building trust.

What is the length of our time together?
Sessions are 50 minutes long. During the last 5-10 minutes of the appointment, we’ll go over an action plan and goals for the coming week.
Will there be homework?
I promise no worksheets. We will discuss dynamic activities and new things to try with your partner.
Why don’t you take insurance?

I am not okay with insurance companies because they sometimes have their own interests and priorities rather than yours and may place constraints on the duration of our journey together. Therapy takes time, and some things can’t be rushed.

Not taking insurance allows me to focus more time and attention on your needs.

How do you accept payment?
You can pay with cash, check, or credit card.
Why should I choose you for couples counseling?

I understand the arguing and the frustration of living worse than roommates. Let me help you. It doesn’t have to stay this way. This is something we can change by working together.

I can see how you communicate, where you get stuck, where things go wrong, and where we can go in and adjust.

As a neutral, unbiased presence, you will soon learn to trust me during this journey. It’s not going to be easy, but it is doable. You will experience more trust, hope, and clarity.

What makes you unique for couples counseling?

Don’t give up! I help couples foster greater mutual understanding and empathy by providing a nonjudgmental space and tools to work on healing.

Through our work, we can help you connect more with your partner and feel like a team again as you encounter life’s joys and challenges together. Become your best version for yourself and each other.

What skills do you bring to the table?
I provide a nonjudgmental space. My training was at one of the best counseling programs in the country. Rigorous selection for temperament, depth of understanding, being present, and meeting people where they are is something not every practice emphasizes.
What experience do you have?
I’m experienced in helping with grief, anxiety, LGBTQ-related concerns, and divorce.
How is online counseling different from in-person counseling?
I gained a lot of experience and success working in telehealth. I can meet you wherever you are. It is convenient for busy professionals, or if you have children, you don’t have to schedule sessions around a babysitter’s schedule.
Why do you only offer online counseling?
Online counseling allows for a less stressful experience for you. And I can provide services to the entire state of Arizona where in-person may not be available.
What if I can’t make it to the appointment?

Let me know as soon as possible, and we will reschedule what works for you.

There will be a $50 fee for canceled appointments within 24 hours.

Why do you consider yourself an expert in Couples Counseling?
I have years of experience and specialized training in couples counseling, emotion-focused therapy, and neuro-diverse couples.
How are you so sure you can help me in my relationship?
If we stick to the recommended approach, your relationship will begin moving forward. I’ve successfully counseled couples over many years and have gained a lot of insight and intuition for the work, all of which can speed up the process.
Why should I trust you with my relationship?
I care, and I have the skills that get results.
What do you know about grief?
I draw from my own experiences of grief and loss.
Do you miss Ohio?
Yes, sometimes I miss the forest, the greenery, and the weather, but not the gloomy winters with no sun.
What are your top three favorite places in Arizona?
Sedona, Bisbee, Flagstaff, although there are many more!
You’re younger than me. What life experiences do you have?
We all have life experiences, some known and some unknown. We all have different perspectives and can learn from each other. I show up as a mirror reflecting the patterns and habits that have led you to this point.
What was your favorite pastime when you were 10?
Riding my bike. I had an early fascination with extreme weather and still do.