1022245885Who hasn’t experienced loss?

Life is full of loss and comes in many forms, both expected and unexpected. Each one is unique.

These losses sometimes make us feel alone and invisible in our grief. Others don’t always recognize or see the pain we are feeling.

Grief has many faces. All losses are valid and deserve to be honored.

What about suicide?

I’m not afraid to tackle this head-on. I’m not going to be part of the stigma.

You are open to friends, and it only makes you feel worse. They seem only to be interested in the story or become uncomfortable and look at you differently, judging pity.

You just stop telling people, so you hold it in. But I offer a space where you can let it out and be real.

To you, suicide is not just a word as it may be to those who have never experienced it.

And for those who know, they know.

96221849And with every loss comes grief.

Grief engenders all sorts of emotions: blame, shame, and guilt, chief among them.

Grief has many layers. Anger, sadness, emptiness, numbness.

Denial: “Is this really happening?”

Loneliness: you feel alienated. You might be in a room full of friends, and you feel alone. The people that are supposed to understand you most – don’t understand. The rug you’ve been standing on has been pulled from under you.

Blaming and shaming: “What could I have done differently? I didn’t do enough. If only I had done…” Blaming is a way of relieving these painful emotions. Blaming is an intrinsic part of grief and can be blaming yourself or others.

These feelings are normal. And we can work through them. Your feelings are valid.

1816260440I can help.

You can’t just tell anyone about what you’re going through. Others might not understand or rush to give you advice or tell you to “move on.” Plus, even if they wanted to talk to you about it, they might be unable to look you in the eye.

Drawing from my own experiences with loss, I can hold the space and have the empathy to help you find peace.

Sometimes, you just need someone in a neutral space to listen as you reminisce – as you reflect on their lives, their stories, and what they meant to you.

Here’s what we’ll do…

Open with the assumption that everything you are feeling is all valid.

Grief is honoring the feelings and the memories, the tapestry of life. Imagine coming into a space that is compassionate and understanding.

It feels lonely, but you don’t have to be alone.

It hurts. It hurts so much.

You need some support to fill the void.

You need someone who can sit there and understand what you’re going through.

As painful as it is, you can find a way to heal. You can never REPLACE what’s been lost, but you can learn to accept and find peace through this.

Give me a call: (602) 834-4950. Relief is possible.