Individual Counseling

551522668Lost, alone, and unsure where to turn…

There’s a void looking for a sense of meaning.

Maybe you’re worried about the security of the relationships in your life.

Life is full of decisions to make. Sometimes, with our history and baggage, we’re concerned that we’re not making the best decisions for ourselves or our families.

Our emotions can be difficult to handle on our own at times. You lash out at loved ones when they just don’t understand, and then you feel terrible about it.

Unhealthy habits and compulsive behaviors offer temporary relief, but when they fade, you’re back at square one – no solution and more pain.

You can’t find joy in the things that once brought you happiness, so you turn away from what you used to find meaningful.

Life can be a confusing web of emotions.

You need support – someone to talk through what you’re feeling and thinking.

When our foundation for sorting through our problems is weak or shaky, every obstacle can feel like the ground has been pulled out from under you.

Imagine feeling lighter and having tools at your disposal that will help strengthen your foundation. When problems arise, you’ll have the right coping strategies (that will work!) and help you.

1071295760It’s time for a breath of fresh air.

It’s helpful to have a neutral person to talk to – someone you can trust and won’t judge you. You need an empathetic ear and time that’s focused solely on YOU.

I’m here to help you untangle the mess and discover a new path forward.

You know where you want to be, but some things get in the way. I can help you find these things. We can verbally work to untangle this web of thoughts and resolve these obstacles.

Moving in that direction, I will ask questions to help get to the root of what’s causing the obstacles. I’ll provide feedback because you’re in a circle, and we can turn that circle into a line or a way forward.

It’s time to get off the hamster wheel.

Relief is waiting!

Let’s lift that weight off your shoulders!

I’ll help guide you through the valley. You don’t have to climb that mountain alone.

All you have to do is reach out. Give me a call. Let’s schedule your free consultation: (602) 834-4950.