Online Counseling

2300969395Telehealth has SO MANY benefits!

Online counseling is easy and convenient.

You don’t have to leave your children or pets behind…

You don’t have to leave the comfort of your home or office…

You don’t have to sit in a waiting room with strangers (or, heaven forbid, run into someone you know!)…

You’re probably wondering…

“Sure, it’s convenient… but is it effective?”

Research shows that online counseling is just as effective as in-person counseling. It is a great resource for clients in rural areas away from urban centers – no limits to online counseling.

The approaches and the work we do are the same as in person.

No distractions can be more focused. I’ve witnessed the success of my clients working online.

Our time together goes the same way, whether in person or online. The process works.

2085927961When we meet online…

We’ll be meeting on a secure website for video conferencing. We’ll be able to see each other with all our senses engaged as I see the real-time dynamics of your daily life.

You can use your laptop or smartphone with video capabilities because we must see each other. And if you’re using your phone, you want a reliable visual feed.

Some practitioners may provide services by telephone, but I insist on a visual feed because it allows for a greater connection.

A high-speed Internet or Wi-Fi connection is needed.

Please be in a quiet, secluded private space. It’s okay if you’re in your parked car. Please don’t drive while participating in our sessions.

This is important dedicated time and requires your full attention.

Finally, healing can take place anywhere!

Relief is a phone call away.

Call today for a free consultation: (602) 834-4950. We can talk more about how online counseling can meet your needs.